Welcome to Triann Briards

    Forest from the Ozzy x Rafaela litter going to PetSmartTriann Briards is the home of Ch. CDN Ch. Crack A Joke Moravia Campanella CGN (Ruckus), and young girls Richochet (Ricky) and Glitter and in 2011 they were joined by spectacular European Champion Rafaella Chic Moravia Campanella brought in from the Czech Republic.

    My background is all about dogs. I have trained and titled literally hundreds of dogs of many different breeds in obedience and conformation. I have competed in dogs sports ranging from herding, drafting, flyball, agility as well as conformation and obedience. I helped develop the security dogs standard for British Columbia and I have bred many top winning German Shepherds. For the last 15 years I have been a Trainer / Animal Coordinator for the film & television industry and have hundreds of credits ranging from Air Bud, Cats & Dogs, Good Boy! to Supernatural, the X-files and even a number one SuperBowl commercial (Fergus- Bud Light).

    Because of my background I have learned the importance of temperament, structure and working ability. The experience of training and showing both my own and client dogs in a variety of competitions highlight how important temperament was to having a show stopping conformation dog and that in obedience working drive must be tempered by proper conformation. Working for the film industry involves long days, crowded, noisy sets and not uncommonly tension as the actors, crew and of course the dog handlers try to film all the shots needed before the light is lost. The dogs I bring to set must be sound of temperament, with a strong desire to work and the ability and soundness to perform actions over and over and over again.

    I breed dogs I would want to own.


    Bonnie Judd